Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from June 2015

The Focus of Faith

Sermon Outline Acts 1:1-9 The church’s main focus is witnessing. The Christian life is to be lived in pursuit of telling the story of Jesus Christ – the Gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ. Luke gives us three important principles to be good witnesses. I. Good witnesses need scriptural beliefs. Acts 1:2-4 II. Good witnesses need spiritual baptism. Acts 1:4-5…

The Man Jesus Loves

Sermon Outline John 21:20 John’s identification of himself as the “Disciple whom Jesus loved” gives us a great insight into the kind of man God loves, and even the kind of man who loves God. A man that loves God is: I. A Follower of Jesus Christ II. A Fellowshipper with Jesus Christ III. A Facilitator to Jesus Christ.

What About Him?

Sermon Outline John 21:20-25 John’s last word to us was one of personal responsibility. God had a plan for Pete, for John, and for us. Joy in the Christian life comes from being personally responsible in the purpose God has for us. The Devil will try to destroy that desire by making us feel the wrong way about our responsibility. Those feelings…