Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from May 2016

The Very First Christians

Sermon Outline Acts 11:26 Antioch was a place that earned the distinction of being the first place people of God were called “Christians”. Why? Because they were like Christ: I. Christians are converted people (vs 21) II. Christians are consecrated people (vs 24) III. Christians are compassionate people (vs 27-30)

The Parenthesis of Peace

Sermon Outline Acts 10:36 Cornelius was looking for peace. Didn’t find in achievement, prosperity, or world success. Peter preached that Christ makes the difference. I. Living in peace requires the Person of Peace. II. Living in peace requires the Position of Pre-Eminence. III. Living in peace requires the Practice of Prayer. (Philippians 4:4-7)  

Are the Children Well?

Sermon Outline Mark 10:13-16 The Masai tribe in Africa have a unique greeting. They ask, “Are the children well?” They know that if the children are well, then life is good. God wants us to be that way in his “tribe”. Jesus gives us 3 imperatives for the welfare of our children: I. Bring them to God (vs 14) II. Bid them…

Journey from Joppa

Sermon Outline Acts 10:1-48 Joppa was the “Gateway to Israel”. The world of humanity flowed through that seaport looking for a better life in the promised land. God used that place to teach Peter about reaching the world of lost humanity with the Gospel of Christ. There are 3 principles of personal evangelism found in Peter’s experience: I. Personal evangelism requires prayer…