Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from September 2015

To God be the Glory

Sermon Outline Acts 3:12-16 The greatest hindrance to the power of God in the life of a church or a believer is pride. Pride is original sin, and it is our sinful nature to be recognized. We want to be honored, and sometimes even glorified. But there is only one person who deserves it – Christ. Peter exemplified the sacred disposition of giving…

What People See

Sermon Outline Acts 2:8-11 The story of the healing of the lame man gives us a good look at the perception people have about Christians. We should only care about what people see in our lives as it pertains to being a good witness for Jesus Christ. People are impressed when: I. A Christian walks in love. (Ephesians 5:2-7) II. A Christian walks…

The Power Behind the Gospel

Sermon Outline Acts 3:1-11 The story of Peter and John’s encounter with the lame man at the Beautiful Gate gives us a look at the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The power of the Gospel is found in: I. The Power of Persistent Prayer (verse 1) II. The Power of Personal Performance (verse 4) III. The Power of Proper Persuasion (verse…

The Church

Sermon Outline Acts 2:41-47 The early believers of that 1st century church formed a model New Testament church life. They were saving the lost, impacting their world, and growing saints of God! How? Steadfastness! They were steadfast in the pursuit of: I. Faith (verse 42) II. Fellowship (verse 42) III. Friendship (verse 42) IV. Father (verse 42)