Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from November 2015


Sermon Outline Acts 5:40-6:1 “Disciples were being multiplied” is a great description of the New Testament church evangelism. People bring people to Jesus. The Gospel was being shared, not just by their lips, but it was their lives that were making the difference the Gospel. Should be shared by: I. Faithfulness (verse 42) II. Fearlessness (verse 42) III. Fun (verse 41)

Thuds, Judas, and Jesus

Sermon Outline Acts 5:33-42 Gamaliel was an instrument of God to bring reassurance to the New Testament church facing incredible persecution. It’s the same today, and we need encouragement to face the task before us. I. God used Gamaliel to reassure us of God’s control. (verse 34) II. God used Gamaliel to reassure of us the church’s credibility. (verses 35-37) III. God used…

Healing a Hurting World

Sermon Outline Acts 5:12-42 We live in a hurting world. People are discouraged and despaired because they have no hope that things will get better. The single mission of the New Testament church is to bring healing to a hurting world! We are the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. Acts 5:12-42 describes the kind of people who…

A Church People Respect

Sermon Outline Acts 4:32-5:16 The New Testament church in the book of Acts enjoyed a great deal of respect from the outside world. Truly, the church was respectable. Why? I. It was respectable because of its compassion. (vs 4:32-37) II. It was respectable because of its consecration. (vs 4:36-37) III. It was respectable because of its commitment. (vs 5:1-4)