Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from October 2015

The Church At It’s Best

Sermon Outline Acts 4:31-37 God’s desire for His church is greatness. To rise above the temptation of mediocrity, and strove to be the very best it can be. The early church exemplified (5) great characteristics of a great church: I. Great churches exhibit great courage. verse 31 II. Great churches exhibit great conviction. verse 32 III. Great churches exhibit great commitment. verse 32 IV. Great…

Over Forty

Sermon Outline Acts 4:21-22 The Devil’s job is to make us doubt God’a help when we need it. The 1st miracle in the New Testament Church is revealed to help us see that God is a God if the impossible. The Devil’s excuses are 4-fold: I. The time has been too long. II. The tragedy is too large. III. The life is…

Holy Boldness

Sermon Outline Acts 4:1-31 The Church of Jesus Christ has always succeeded when it was bold for God in the face of worldly opposition. We need to pray for boldness, and then stand up for the Lord. (verse 14) Boldness comes from realizing: I. Sovereignty of God. (verses 10-11) II.  Strength of Faith (verse 10) III. Satisfaction of God (verse 19)