Where Jesus is Lord and You Are Loved

Sermons from February 2016

After Damascus

Sermon Outline Acts 9:18-30 Paul’s conversion is a pattern of salvation according to his testimony in 1 Timothy 1:16. Luke tells us that we can know that his was salvation genuine by what happened “After Damascus”. I. There was a chance. (verse 18) II. There was a cheer. (verse 20) III. There was a choice. (verses 23-25) IV. There was a church.…

Certain Disciples

Sermon Outline Acts 9:10-17 The ministry of the New Testament church is evangelism–connecting lost souls with a loving Savior. Ananias is the perfect picture of the kind of people God wants to send to a lost and dying world: I. God uses ordinary people to do His work. II. God uses obedient people to do His work. III. God uses overcoming people to…


Sermon Outline Acts 9:1-6 Saul’s conversion story is incredible. It is seen best with the backdrop of this little word “yet’. God used Saul’s conversion as a pattern and showed us the importance of the word “yet”. I. First, “yet” is a word of patience. II. Second, “yet” is a word of power. III. Third, “yet” is a word of peril.

Missing Out

Sermon Outline Acts 8:5-24 The sad reality in a lot go our churches today is the number of people who are “missing out” on the glory and blessing of Christian Living. Simon the sorcerer is a lesson in getting the most out of our Christian Life. Simon “missed out” because of three things: I. Simon missed out because there was no freedom…